Open Play schedule changes

Open Play is generally held at Glenlake Tennis Center on Saturdays, 1-6pm.

Watch our Facebook page for the latest updates and last-minute scheduling changes.


The Hooch was FANTASTIC!

The ChATTAhoochee Doubles Classic ("The Hooch") is ATTA’s annual Spring championship tournament. The 2019 Hooch was held March 8-10, 2019 (the weekend before Spring ALTA begins).

Thank you for a GREAT weekend of tennis! See the tournament results HERE.


Singles/Doubles Ladders

The 2019 Singles/Doubles/Women's ATTA Ladders are ramping up!
Find out more about the ladders HERE.


2019 Memberships Available

It's time to renew your ATTA membership for 2019...

Your $30* calendar-year membership gets you:

  • An ATTA t-shirt
  • FREE registration for the Singles and Doubles Ladders
  • Member pricing for The ChATTAhoochee Doubles Classic
  • Discounted Open Play and Mixers rates
  • Assistance finding ALTA and USTA teams
  • Team Rewards just for playing, and more for winning
  • Holiday Awards Banquet

...and more events sponsored by ATTA

New members get November and December of 2018 included with their 2019 membership!
* Reduced to $20 after July 1

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